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Accessory Catalog

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Perkins Powered Parachutes
164 Old Kings Bridge Road
Nicholson, Georgia 30565 (USA)
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Gift Certificates

Want the Perfect gift for any occasion? We now offer gift certificates. Order here and your certificate will be mailed to you for convenient gift giving. Recipients can redeem with any order from our catalog.

Quantity  $50.00 Certificate $50.00
Quantity  $25.00 Certificate $25.00

Parachutes -- Best Prices in the Country

Dealer for Performance Designs - Custom orders to your door in seven weeks
(in-stock colors only)

Tip from Bear:
Information you should know about your PD Chute
Pull test links adjusters
400 sq. ft.   99 inches
500 sq. ft. 114 inches
550 sq. ft. 108 inches

Call Bear for Prices 706-757-3435

Authorized Dealer for ASAP Canopies

Stocking Dealer for E340 Elliptical Chute
Call Bear for Prices 706-757-3435
Click the chart for riser spread and length reference

Bags, Covers, Holders, Line Socks, etc.
All of our sewn products have been field-tested and are guaranteed to remain secure when properly installed. All Cordura products are made of 1000 Denier Cordura in black. Helmet bags and Line Socks are made of a very sturdy nylon pack cloth.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.
Chute Bags

My bags are made of 1000 denier material and are flat on the bottom like a paper sack. They hold a 500 chute just fine, while the Super Chute was made for the 550 APCO and for people that want the extra room.

Quantity  500 Chute bag $60.00
Quantity  550 Super Chute bag $65.00

Chute Bag Replacement Buckle

Replace broken or lost buckles. 2" size

Quantity  Chute bag buckle $5.00
Line Socks Set

Keep your lines clean and bright. Self-healing,
fine-tooth zipper.

Quantity  13' Line Socks Pair $80.00
Quantity  16' Line Socks Pair $85.00
Quantity  20' Line Socks Pair $90.00

Line Sock Single

Keep your lines clean and bright. Self-healing,
fine-tooth zipper. Same as above but sold as single Sock.

Quantity  13' Line Sock Single $45.00
Quantity  16' Line Sock Single $48.00
Quantity  20' Line Sock Single $50.00

We now sell Zippers for people that want to make their
own line socks or to replace zippers they already have.
They come bagged. Either 13,16 or 20 foot length.

Quantity  13 ft Zipper $16.00
Quantity  16 ft Zipper $16.00
Quantity  20 ft Zipper $16.00
id_diddy_bag.jpgID Ditty Bag

Ideal to put your important papers that have to be seen all the time, sport pilot paper, BFI or AFI. Anything.

Quantity  ID Ditty Bag $42.00

perkdittys.jpgDitty Bag

Holds an empty Quick Stuff Bag and a pair of Line Socks or your wallet, sunglasses, cigarettes, keys what have you.

Quantity  Ditty Bag $37.00

perksdittys.jpgItty Bitty Ditty Bag

Similar to Ditty Bag, only smaller.

Quantity  Itty Bitty Ditty Bag $32.00

Padded Helmet Bag

Soft, thick fleece lining to protect your helmet from scratches and damage.

Tip from Bear: When you fly with only 1 helmet the other stays protected and not rolling around in back of your truck.

Quantity  Padded Helmet Bag $25.00

perkwaterholders.jpgWater Bottle Holder

Holder attaches to the frame of your plane.


Tip from Bear: Fill bottle half way with water and freeze. Will deliver cold water for an hour and a half easy.

Quantity  Water Bottle Bag Only $22.00


Designed to secure your Comtronics Ultra-Com to the frame of your plane. For old design intercom. Works fine but older technology.

Quantity  Yak-Pak $25.00

radio_holder.jpgVertical Radio Holder

This is a pouch that the radio just drops in and has a cord that stretches over the top to keep the radio in. Mounts on a vertical tube. Simple, Easy and Secure helps reduce vibration.

(A 6 Radio in photo not included)
Quantity  Radio Holder $25.00

radio_holder.jpgHorizontal Radio Holder

This is a pouch that the radio just drops in and has a cord that stretches over the top to keep the radio. Mounts horizontally. Simple, Easy and Secure.

(A 6 Radio not included)

Quantity  Radio Holder $25.00

perkdualcoms.jpgDual-Com Holder

Secures your Comtronics Dual-Com intercom.
(A dual com intercom will have a toggle switch on the front)

Quantity  Dual-Com Holder $25.00

perkradpaks.jpgSport Link & Comtronics Pak

Same design as Yak-Pak,
but secures your Sport Link intercom.

Quantity  Sport Link-Pak $10.00

Same design as Yak-Pak,
but secures Comtronix Ultra Com II intercom.

Quantity  Comtronics Pak $25.00

perksinglecovers.jpgAir Filter Covers

Rotax single carb cover or Silencer air filter covers
Now includes small Remove Before Flight Tag

Quantity  Rotax single carb cover $14.00
Tag Color Choice 
Rotax dual carb cover
Will fit 503 and 582

For the near future we will be adding a REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag to the dual air filters. This is not as large as  our original  Remove before flight  but can be seen easily. Comes in Red or Orange with new filter cover  582 or 503 double covers. 

Tip from Bear: Don't pull your plane open-air without a cover of some type.

Quantity  Rotax dual carb cover with Red Tag $17.00
Quantity  Rotax dual carb cover with Orange Tag $17.00

perkhirthcovers.jpgHirth single carb cover with Remove Before Flight Tag

Quantity  Hirth single carb cover $17.00

Tag Color Choice 

perkmiccovers.jpgFoam Mic Cover (windscreen)

Will fit dynamic and can be cut down for other needs.
Small Mic covers for Electra Microphones.

Quantity  Foam Mic Cover $7.00
Quantity  Small Foam Mic Cover $7.00
Leather Dickie

To cover the foam on a mic to help reduce wind noise.
Your choice Red or Black

Quantity  Leather Mic Cover Red $6.00  Out of Stock
Quantity  Leather Mic Cover Black $6.00
Prop Sock Stabilizer

Keeps your engine from wind-milling during transport.

Blade Lengths available 60" to 68
Please enter length below

Quantity Prop Sock Stabilizer $22.00 (each)
Prop Sock Set

1 Prop Sock Stabilizer and 2 Prop Sock Covers.
(Prop Sock Stabilizers and Prop Sock Covers available for both Ivo and Power Fin props.)

Tip from Bear: IVO prop Sock Set will also fit Warp Drive props.

Quantity  Prop Sock Set $65.00 (set) IVO / WARP DRIVE
Quantity  Prop Sock Set $65.00 (set) Power Fin

Blade Lengths available 60" to 68
Please enter desired length below
Video Tapes, Books and Tee Shirts
Engine Log Book

To keep up with all the data done to the motor.

Quantity  Engine Log Book $12.00

Pilot Log Book

Click Picture To Enlarge

Pilot's log book hard bound will last for years.

Quantity  Log Book $12.00

Bing Carb Manual

NEW Bing Carb tuning manual gives full breakdown of the Bing 54 Carb and tuning tips. This is by Bing

Quantity  Bing Carb Manual $14.00

Wind Socks, Poles, Mounts & Graphics
Orange Windsocks

These windsocks are made for permanent installation. The material has a UV blocker and will last about two years in direct sun. The one pictured is 11 inches by five feet long, the most common size. The large windsock is made from the same material but is 9 feet long by 15 inches around. Both socks are tuned 25 knots. Note: The fiberglass poles will not support these socks. Call Bear for details on how to make a 21' pole.

Click the picture to see detailed mounting instructions  

Quantity  Orange Windsock 11 x 60 $42.00 (most popular size)
Quantity  Orange Windsock 15 x 108 $65.00

Ornamental Windsock 60 inches long

Brightly colored, easily seen from a distance.

Tip from Bear: 8 mile an hour winds will hold sock straight out
(I don't fly then)

Quantity  $12.00
orange_windsock.jpgSmall Orange windsock

Made out if the same material as larger ones but is only 25 inches long comes with mounting rod just as you see it. This sock is ornamental more than useful.

Quantity  $24.00

Windsock Pipe Adapter

For a 3/4 pipe. Made for mounting the large orange windsocks above, now made with nylon bushing.

Quantity  Windsock Pipe Adaptor $15.00

Long Tube Sock

24 Feet long come in a rainbow colors or Black & White

Tip from Bear: Hook two tails together and watch it screw through the air.
I have flown with four.

Quantity  Long Tube Sock $16.00
Spin Basket

The spin basket has 3 bright colored baskets that turn in different directions.

Quantity  Spin Basket $17.00

Bracket for Collapsible Windsock Pole

Side-mount (mounts to truck bumper or side of your trailer)
Brackets not painted.

Quantity Bracket $13.00

Where to mount the bracket on your trailer----

pole_mounting_bracket_001.jpgSUPER ALL IN ONE 28 ft Collapsible Windsock kit

28 foot tall fluorescent in color, comes with a bracket and a bright colored windsock. Brackets not painted.
Tip from Bear: 8 mile an hour winds will hold sock straight out (I don't fly then)

Quantity 28 foot Collapsible Windsock kit $85.00


Example of mount on trailer on the rear by locking bar

Windsock Pole (only) 28 foot tall fluorescent orange in color see mounting instructions above.

Quantity  Windsock Pole $60.00

Sky Lanterns Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are a unique way to add fun to the evening. Many people have seen these colorful balloons float away. Make any occasion festive and fun. In no-wind conditions they will float well over 1000 feet high, giving the fire block a chance to cool off before returning to earth. Units are biodegradable.
See the instructions  -  Click Here  ---------------------------->

NOTE: This item must be shipped separately
Quantity  Sky Lanterns Bundle of 10 $22.00 (Assorted colors only)
Quantity  Additional Sky Lantern Each $3.00
PPC Graphics (for trailers etc.)

Small Parachute size is 14" X 16" and sells for $35.00 with free S/H. Can be custom colored with 11 colors with a frame color of black, white, and beige. Large Parachute size is 22" X 27" Can be custom colored with 11 cell colors, frame, seat, and prop. Regular price is $80.00 but order now and get the intro special price of $70.00 with free S/H.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Parachutes can be made any size you need all the way up to 6 feet sq. but need to be professionally installed. Call for pricing.


Email: Gerry Lynn

Kunntzleman Single Strobe

S.C. 103. Self contained legal strobe can be seen for over 3 miles. Current draw is a very low 500 MA. Must be connected
to 12 VDC. 1 yr. warranty by Kunntzleman

Quantity  Kunntzleman Single Strobe $95.00
Smart Strobe

The smart strobe is so named because it will run on 12 VDC or directly from the AC lighting coils of the engine. The smart strobe is brighter than the self-contained unit and has a six-foot lead for placement of the head. One year warranty.

Quantity  Kunntzleman Smart Strobe $150.00

Tang Mounted Head

This tang mounted head is a plug and play unit and fits all of the Kuntzleman's strobes. If you have checked out the box and know that this is the problem this can fix you up and is covered with a 1 year warranty

Quantity  Tang Mounted Head $45.00

Smart Globe

The Globe is a Kuntzeman's and will fit all round heads. Put a bead of silicone around it and you have a clear water tight seal.

Quantity  Smart Globe $11.00




Pro Com System.

2 Head Sets, 2 Helmets, Intercom and Pack.

Quantity  Pro Com System $790.00

Please make your color and size selections in the boxes below.
Helmet (1) Color   Size 
Helmet (2) Color   Size 

Call Bear for details if you wish to order a single Pro Com helmet.

Comtronics-Light Plane System

This is a Light Plane System by Comtronics that has become very popular for people that do not want a Helmet on top of their heads, and with the frontal bars on top it may be a way to be a bit less expensive and still have communications, and have comfort. As with all systems a UC II pack comes with all Intercoms sold as a system.

Click the picture for UC II hook-up diagram

Quantity  Light Plane w/ Std UC II $630.00
Quantity  Light Plane w/DualCom upgrade $690.00
Quantity  Light Plane Single Headset $240.00 ea.

Comtronics-Helmet system 2000

This is a Helmet system 2000 model. This is the best as far as noise protection IMHO, and is very comfortable, if you are going to wear a helmet. LG & XLG are the most order sizes and will fit most. Sizing pads come with helmets. It is easy to make a Helmet smaller, much harder to make it larger. This helmet system comes with Intercom Pack UC II.

Click the picture for help in determining your size


Tip from Bear: This is my favorite helmet system. I think it provides clear sound and the best noise reduction.

Quantity  Helmet System 2000 w/Std UC II $740.00
Quantity  Helmet System w/DualCom upgrade $800.00

Please make your color and size selections in the boxes below.
Helmet (1) Color   Size 
Helmet (2) Color   Size 

Comtronics 2000-Single Helmet

Quantity  Helmet Single $340.00
Sizing pads come with helmets. It is easy to make a Helmet smaller, much harder to make it larger.
Please make your color and size selection in the boxes below.

Color Size
Helmet Replacement Buckle

Helmet buckle 3/4 and 1 inch size. Some times they break get stepped on or what have you. We can fix you up.

Quantity  Helmet Buckle 3/4 inch $4.00
Quantity  Helmet Buckle 1 inch $4.00

Dual Com II

This is an Intercom system that can use 2 radios at the same time. A lot of people think that their unit is a Dual Com, but if you can't see a toggle switch on the front panel and a PTT switch, you still must to have an adapter cord for your radio to fit into the
back of the Dual Com. A Dual Com will add $60.00 up-charge to any system price.

Click the picture for hook-up diagram......

Quantity  Dual Com $275.00

Ultra Com II

This is a standard Intercom system. It has a music connection and a port for 12 volt power.

12 volt power is not recommended by Bear. Motor Noise can be increased by 12 volt power.

Click the picture for hook-up diagram .......

Quantity  Ultra Com $240.00

I Com VHF handheld radio

I Com A 6 Radio

This radio comes complete with a charger, belt clip and lanyard. The great thing about the A6 is that it displays numbers that are
almost 3/4 of and inch high so it can be read from the seat.

Quantity  I Com A6 VHF handheld radio $275.00

I Com A 14 Radio

This is the newest radio out by I Com, and comes with a
7.4 volt 2000 MA Li-Ion battery, charger, belt clip, and lanyard.

Tip from Bear: The Li-Ion battery is proving to be the best battery, and the ICom A-14 is proving to be the best radio available.

Quantity  A 14 ICom Radio $235.00

Display comparison

I com A6 And I com A14 Radios. Both are 5 watt radios.
battery_a4_022006.jpgA4 Replacement Battery

This is a replacement battery and a NIMH and at nearly 3 times as strong as a standard battery will build no memory. 2000MA.

Tip from Bear: Take care of you battery and put the charger
on a timer and
do not over charge.

Quantity  I com A4 Replacement Battery $55.00

battery_a5_022006.jpgA5 Replacement Battery

This is a replacement battery 850 MA and is NI MH as is the standard battery and should last longer.

Tip from Bear: Take care of you battery and put the charger
on a timer and
do not over charge.

Quantity  I com A5 Replacement Battery $50.00

A6 Replacement Battery

This is a replacement battery. BP210 7.2 volts at 2000 mAH

Tip from Bear: Take care of you battery and put the charger
on a timer and
do not over charge.

Quantity  I com A6 Replacement Battery $60.00

master_charger_011206.jpgMaster Charger

The master charger is a way to fast charge an A 4 or A 5 & A 6 and A 14 radios. I do mine in about 1 hour. This is a nice tool to have around the hanger or home to keep your battery ready to go fast.

A 4  Master Charger Quantity  $75.00
A 5  Master Charger Quantity  $75.00
A 6  Master Charger Quantity  $75.00
A 14 Master Charger Quantity  $75.00
12 volt charger - noise filter for I com radios

Cigarette Lighter charger cord with noise filter from I-Com. Will charge the A-4, A-5 and A-23 radios.
For A4 or A5 Radios Only

Quantity  I-com charger/noise filter $37.00

Antenna for I Com's called the Rubber Duck.

It fits A 4's 5's 6's. The little bugger will come off, so make sure that it is tight.

Quantity  $35.00

aviation_antenna.jpgAviation Antenna

This Stainless Steel whip is for those that need more distance out of a hand held radio. It is approximately 24 inches tall and comes with a mounting bracket and 12 feet of cable. In addition, the end of the cable will go right on to an I-Com radio.

Quantity  $65.00

I COM A4 and A5 Power Cord

Power Cord for the I COM A 4 & A 5. This is a 12 volt cord and the radios run on 9.6 volts so there is a bit of a trick to use these cords. I have a bunch of them out there
and most are working perfectly but if you have a power spike then you could be in trouble if wired direct.

Quantity  ICOM Power Cord - $20.00

Adapter A Cord

For use on Comtronics Intercoms

Quantity  Adapter A Cord - $20.00

Helmet Extension Cord

6 feet long. For the passenger in the Back.

Quantity  Helmet Extension Cord $42.00

JELL Ear Cups

Jell Ear cups. These add a new level of quite to the Comtronics and Sport Link Headsets and helmets, they just peel and stick and do a really good job of adding comfort and reducing noise.
Peel & Stick on top of existing cup (be sure to clean with alcohol)

Quantity  Jell Ear Cups $25.00

Push-To-Talk Switches

For all radios currently in use today.

Push-To-Talk Switch $120.00

Quantity  Passenger PTT Switch $50.00

Need to know which microphone and intercom you are using,
Sport Link or Comtronics?
(Use the comment box below)

Face Shield

This face shield attaches to Comtronics and Sport Link and old RAD helmets with three snaps. It can be raised and lowered, and comes in clear or smoke. The smoke tint is light and works fine with sun glasses.

Quantity  Face Shield Clear $25.00
Face Shield Smoke $25.00
Kestrel Wind Meter 1000

Measure wind speed in MPH, Knots, Fpm, M/S Current, Average, and Max. can all be displayed 100 hour battery life, replaceable. Automatic cut-off when back in the case.

Kestrel Wind Meter 1000 $85.00

Kestrel Wind Meter 2000

Same as the 1000 Plus has Temperature and Wind chill.

Kestrel Wind Meter 2000 $100.00

Economy Wind Meter
Value priced hand-held digital wind meter
Special  Price

Quantity  $20.00
Tiny Tach and Hour Meter

LCD digital tachometer and hour meter. Easy to install, just wrap the wire around a spark plug wire. Very accurate. Resettable. Makes a great backup tach/hour meter.


perkregs.jpgKey West Power Supply

Attaches to the AC output from your Rotax engine and provides 12VDC power. Can be used with or without a battery system.

Key West Power Supply $60.00

Props and Prop Accessories
Authorized Dealer
Ivo Prop, Power Fin and Warp Drive props and blades
 Stock Inventory varies, but we will ship without wait time if your
item is in stock
Ivo Prop 3 blade complete

Light, strong, efficient, quiet smooth low drag hub Carbon/graphite fiber/composite. Unique pitch adjustment design. Beautiful high gloss black gelkote finish.

All blades protected by stainless steel leading edges

Quantity  Ivo prop $640.00
Rotation (Must Have Information)

Size Call Bear for an X Prop
Ivo Hub (only) comes complete with 6 new Bolts


Quantity  Ivo Hub (0nly) $120.00
Hubs for PPC Props

Hub Identification Help - Click the picture for larger view
For instructions IVO Ultralight Quick Adjustment
click the pictures
The Power Fin Prop 3 blade complete

Safe, efficient, high quality carbon fiber composite propellers. Full one-year warranty for free replacement of any defective part from materials or workmanship.

Optional blade refurbishing is available at a cost of $40.00 per blade. This service includes weighting to match new heavier blades, cleaning and polishing.

Contact us for details...

Power Fin props are available in various Hub/Blade configurations
for Rotax 2-cycle type, and Rotax 4-cycle (912) type.

For ALL configurations including Four and Five Blade Props - Call Bear 706-757-3435

Warp Drive Prop 3 blade complete

Performance - Quality - Price

Unmatched Durability, Superior Track Record,
Ground Adjust Pitch, Repairable/Replaceable Blades

Toughest Prop on the market today
Bolts & Nuts Package and squash plate required but not included. Must be ordered separately.

Quantity  Warp Drive  with Std Hub $650.00
Quantity  Wrap Drive with HPL Hub $850.00
Quantity  Squash Plate for STD Hub & Bolts $65.00
Quantity  Squash Plate for HPL Hub & Bolts $65.00
(Recommended by Warp Drive regardless of hub type HPL or Standard)

Rotation (Must Have Information)

Size Pictured with HPL Hub
Warp Drive Prop 4 blade complete

Quantity  Warp Drive  Std Hub

Pictured with standard hub. HPL hub not available.
Bolts & Nuts Package and squash plate required but not included. Must be ordered separately.

Rotation (Must Have Information)

Prop Blades

Quantity  Warp Drive Blade $185.00 Each
Quantity  Ivo Blade $190.00 Each
Quantity  Ivo 2-Pack (Qty of 1 = 2 Blade Set) $370.00 Each
Quantity  Ivo 3-Pack (Qty of 1 = 3 Blade Set) $550.00 Each
Quantity  Power Fin C Model Blade $195.00 Each
Quantity  Power Fin F Model Blade $245.00 Each

Rotation (Must Have Information)
For any blade(s) please specify (Size)

Balance Weight or
Serial Number  

Must have balance weight or serial number. Type in boxes above.
This is the big bold black number as seen in the picture

Click the picture to see location of balance weight numbers for IVO blades


Note: Quantity of 3 or more of the same type blades ordered at the same
time do not require balance weight or serial number information.

perktape.jpgProp Tape Stainless Steel or Plastic

Go to Link below for detailed professional video instructions.
Follow the installation instructions to the letter.
I sell only genuine IVO SS.

Watch this video

Do not mix old SS with new SS as the balance weight can be different.

Order Stainless Steel Prop Tape in sets.  It never hurts to have extras.
Or order plastic for each blade. Can be mixed with your existing tape

Quantity  Prop Tape Stainless Set of 2 $12.00 EACH SET
Prop Tape Stainless Set of 3 $18.00 EACH SET
Quantity  Prop Tape Stainless Set of 4 $24.00 EACH SET
Prop Tape Plastic $5.00 EACH PIECE Genuine PF black in color

prop_repair_kit.jpg Emergency Prop Repair Kit

Comes with Glue, and Baking Soda, and File for a quick field repair of a dinged prop. This will not work miracles but will fill up a ding, or deeper scratch.

Quantity  Prop Repair Kit $12.00

perkspinner.jpgProp Spinners 4 and 5 inch

4" IVO Prop Spinner $50.00

Quantity  4" Power Fin Spinner $75.00

Quantity  5" Spinner $155.00
Comes with base plate - Looks the Best Works with
Power Fin

Prop Spinners 7 inch and 6 3/4

Picture show comparison of 7" to 4"

7" Prop Spinner $210.00

Quantity  6 3/4" Prop Spinner $200.00

Prop Spinner 9 inch fiberglass

9" Prop Spinner $160.00

This 9 inch spinner is about the most efficient spinner there is. Very light and easy to install comes in white only (for now) and can be painted to match your plane.

Angle setter (protractor)

Easy way to find or check the pitch of prop blades.
Clamps on the end of blades fast and accurate.
Genuine Warp Drive Protractor.

Quantity  Angle setter $35.00
Angle Cube Digital Level

Extremely Accurate
- Clamp this cube on the the prop blade to insure that the angle of each blade is "right on ". There is nothing more accurate

Quantity  Angle Cube $35.00

Compact size, Light weight and Extremely Accurate and less expensive
Quantity  Economy Model Angle Cube $25.00

Prop Stickers

Dress up that boring black prop with these colorful stickers. Available in three designs and three colors.


Email: Gerry Lynn

balance_master.jpgBalance Master

This is ideal for taking minor imbalances out of your prop.
The ring is filled with Mercury and as it spins up it tries to make an even circle. If you have a blade out of balance, more mercury goes to that side to try to make balance.

Quantity  Balance master $95.00
Other Hardware and Accessories
Trailer Fenders

These Fenders are plastic like the ones that you see on Bear Cat Trailers, T type, and some enclosed units. The color is silver and they are sold in pairs only

Quantity  $40.00


This Rope Ratchet is a new way to make line adjusting easy and cheap. Simply run the rope thru the ratchet and pull to adjust and release if you need to. Comes with a
flat tang and small rapid link.

Quantity  Rope Ratchet $12.00 with hardware
Quantity  Ratchet Only $8.00 (No Hardware)

Super Line Adjusters

Super line adjusters are the very best money can buy. Comes with mounting
bolts and saddles for mounting.

Quantity  Super Line Adjusters $90.00 each

Steering Lines

These are PD lines but will work on a lot of chutes.
They are for a 550 sq foot chute so they are 25 feet long and can be shortened to the length you need.

Quantity  Steering Lines $65.00 (pair)
Quantity  Single Steering Line $35.00
Chute Repair Tape

Rip-stop nylon chute repair tape in 5 foot lengths.
Tape comes basic red, white, blue, black and yellow

$10.00 for Approx. 5' foot. piece

Qty Red 
Black  Yellow  White  Blue 

Bungee Balls

Have hundreds of uses and can hold anything you can imagine.
Packaged 10 to a bundle

Quantity  $5.00 per bundle
Tire Hold Down Straps

Made of nylon 1" & 1/4" inch straps so it will hold great, and you can use the suspension on the plane to help smooth out the ride.
Product is Yellow (orange is display only)

Quantity  Tire Strap $30.00 ea.
Please specify tire size in the box box below.

perkstrap.jpgTie down strap

6 Ft. with a loop on the hook end. Just wrap the loop over the tube and ratchet the plane down in a couple places no metal to metal.

Quantity  Tie down straps $15.00

Made to Measure Riser Straps

American Made Custom to your size requirements.
Now made In-House Take a Look ------------>

Measure twice as these straps cannot be returned

Orders cannot be processed if all 4 lengths are not provided.
Straps are rated at 2,200 lbs safe working load. Made with sewn-in quality pulleys placed rear top. Production lead time is approx. 7 days

Staggered or even lengths according to your measurements
Click the picture for help in measuring,
view and/or print this worksheet .............................................

For help in ordering new risers for your Thunderbolt
E Series canopy please refer to this chart for correct
measurements      ------------------------------------------>


Rear Strap Length     inches
Front Strap Length  inches


Right Rear Strap Length     inches
Front Strap Length  inches

Custom Risers $140.00
Pulley for the hand starting units that have a Pulley over head.

The units are self centering with a metal ball bearing,
makes for ease of starting, and swivels

Quantity  Hand cranking pulleys $22.00 Ea.

Steering Line Pulley

These are used by many of the plane manufactures and are self centering. These will or can double the amount of line that you pull in one push. These pulleys are a bit smaller but are metal ball bearings and roll very easy. Comes standard on Powrachutes but works on everything.

Quantity  Steering line pulley $22.00 Ea.

This radiator is large enough to cool a 582. Just the mounting might have to be worked on just a bit. Actual dimensions: 2" Depth x 11.5" Height x 19.5" Width

Cap Not Included

Quantity  Radiator $190.00
E-track Clips

For trailers that have E tracks in the floors and even in the walls. Here are some extra E Track Clips with 3000 lbs of pull, so they should handle the load.

Quantity  E-Track Clips $7.00 Ea.
Foot Bars

These rugged aluminum foot bars are made to fit most PPCs. Beautiful polished aluminum. Be sure to list your PPC model below.

Will not fit 6 shooters

Quantity  Foot Bars $125.00

PPC model for Foot Bars

Rubber Foot Peg Grips

Fits most popular sizes 15/16" to 1"

Tip from Bear:
Soak a few minutes in hot water to make them fit even bigger.

Quantity  Foot Peg Grips for $10.00 Ea.
Wear Strips
These go under the steering bars on a Buckeye.
They are sold in pairs only. Order quantity of 1
to receive a pair. - Just back in Stock

Quantity  Pair Wear Strips $10.00

Cable stop

For those that have a home made cable stop or one where the bead has
come off and want to put a second or third stop on the cable.

Quantity  Cable Stop $3.00

Zip Ties 11 inch

50 lb. rated zip ties are an ideal size for many jobs on your plane.
10 ties to the bundle.

Quantity  10 Zip Ties $3.00

V shields for 503

This is new and there are more and more people that are using the E box on a 503 or a C box. Now comes with Stainless Steel hardware for a professional look.

Quantity  V-Shields for 503 $28.00

V-Shield Kit

Cover the unsightly holes on the E-Drive gear box blue in color to match the head. Comes with spacer and Bolts for mounting. Kit includes 2 covers, 1 for each side.

Quantity  V-Shield Kit $28.00

Now comes with Stainless Steel bolts. Keeps them from rusting.
For the people that want the best looking machine out there.

Water Separating Funnels

Separates water and impurities from fuel. Prices are for non-conductive funnels that are not grounded.

Tip from Bear: Smartest money you'll ever spend

Quantity  Large Funnel $25.00
Quantity  Medium Funnel $20.00

Jiggle Siphon

Jiggle siphon used to transfer liquids of all types . Never get a mouth full of gas again. Just a few jiggles and it starts automatically. A great way to transfer gas.

Quantity  Jiggle Siphon $9.00
1st Primer Pump

These pumps can fail without warning.
You might want to keep an extra one for yourself or your buddy.

Tip from Bear: Read the line above this line again.

.Quantity  1st Primer Pump $11.00

Squeeze Bulb

New item (goes near the Primer Pump) Squeeze Bulb for
those that need one. Comes with 1/4 inch fittings.

Quantity  Squeeze Bulb $8.00

Real Rotax Fuel Pump

No longer available from Bear
Quantity  Fuel Pump $

fuel_pump_b_011206.jpgFuel Pump-B

This pump has the weep hole in it and works fine in any position but notice that the outlets are turned down and it works just fine with the hole.

Quantity  Fuel Pump $20.00

fuel_pump_single_050306.jpgFuel Pump Single

Single fuel pump for those that have a single carb.

Quantity  Fuel Pump $21.00

perkpumpkits.jpgMikuni Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit.

Quantity  Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit $13.00

Mikuni Fuel Pump-A

We have a line of fuel pumps that are after-market. They are Mikuni, but there is a small difference in that there is no weep hole in the bottom. But you can do the same thing with a weep hole in the bottom of the pulse line. For the savings that this pump will afford, it is worth putting in your own hole. The only reason the hole is there is for a place for gas to escape in the event of failure.

Tip from Bear:  Most people don't put the hole in it.

Quantity  Fuel Pump $24.00

Bing 54 Carburetor Rebuild kits

Right from Bing

Quantity  Carb Rebuild kit $35.00
Bing 54 Bowl Gasket

Right from Bing

Quantity  Bing 54 Bowl Gasket $9.00
Bing 54 O-Ring

Right from Bing

Quantity  Bing 54 O-Ring $6.00
Carburetor Replacement Parts

E Clip to hold jet needle

Quantity  E Clip $7.00

Jet needle
Standard Jetting C Level
Quantity  Jet Needle $12.50

O Ring goes on top of the needle to keep it from spinning
O Ring $2.00
Fuel Line

For primer and gas line (clear) Sold by the Foot

Tip from Bear: Fuel and oil lines should be replaced
every year. Just normal maintenance.

Quantity  Pulse Line 1/4 inch ID 1/2 OD $1.70 per foot

Quantity  Fuel Line 1/4 inch $.60 per foot

Quantity  Fuel/Primer Line 1/8 Inch $.60 per foot

Fuel Line Clamps

These are the small, reusable, squeeze together plastic clamps used on fuel lines. Order a few extra to keep in your tool box.

These come in packs of 5

Quantity  1/4 inch clamps $2.50 per pack
Quantity  1/8 inch clamps $2.50 per pack

Fuel Floatee

Drop in sight tube and it will tell you quickly how much fuel
you have in the tank.

Quantity  Fuel Floatee $6.00

Fuel Filter

This Gas Filter has a clear bowl around the element so you can see trash and water showing up before it becomes a problem.

The gold filter as pictured is no longer available

Quantity  Clear Fuel Filter $5.00
Super Gas Filter

Super gas Filter Gasalator the best I have ever seen, Safety wire the outlet and inlets Now come with a metal cup to keep from warping with new gas

Limited Quantity
 ALL Metal
the very best job of filtering gas.

Quantity  Super Gas Filter $125.00

Rubber tank plug

These plugs start to leak after 2 or 3 years so keep a spare.

Tip from Bear: Grease the plugs and metal elbow before inserting. Always nice to have extras on hand.

Quantity  Rubber Tank Plug $3.00

Gas Cans Vents

How many times have you said just how you hate the venting
of the newer gas cans, well this is a way to add a vent to any
can? Just drill a 1/2 inch hole and insert the plug vent
and you are done. Set comes 2 to the pack
Your choice Red, Yellow, Black or
"JUST SURPRISE ME" (Bear's Choice) 

                                    For Instructions ----->

Quantity  RED Gas Can Vents (Set of 2) $5.00
Quantity  YELLOW Gas Can Vents (Set of 2) $5.00
Quantity  BLACK Gas Can Vents (Set of 2) $5.00
Quantity  SURPRISE Me Gas Can Vents (Set of 2) $5.00       
Metal Elbow

To go into a tank plug used for sight tubes or main gas lines 1/4 fitting on one end wedged.

Tip from Bear: Grease the plugs and metal elbow before inserting.

Quantity  Elbow $3.00

Fuel Valve Shut off

This valve is used to cut your gas off in the tank for maintenance or what have you

In-Line Fuel Valve Shut off
In line fuel shut off with 1/4 barbed connections

In-Line Fuel Valve Shut Off $13.00
Ratio Rite Cup

For those that mix oil and gas and do not always use a full tank of gas, this will allow you to mix any amount. Now includes a lid that will keep out the dust and trash.

Sight tube kit

Add a sight tube to your gas tank. Kit comes complete with everything that you need to add a sight tube to your tank. Adequate line for 24" Tank

Quantity  $17.00

Primer Kit or Pump Only for Dual Carb.

Comes with 10 feet of primer line, pump, T fittings, and clamps for the line.

Quantity  Primer Kit $22.00
Quantity  Pump Only (no hoses etc.) $11.00

Primer Mounting Bracket
Pre drilled and stainless steel.

Quantity  Primer Mounting Bracket $6.00
Oil Tank and bracket

Comes complete with oil filter and vent tube. Has a screw on top. Ready to mount Ideal for the home builder. Holds 1/2 gal oil.

Tip from Bear: IMPORTANT Remove all air from the lines. I hand force out any air pockets.

Quantity  Oil Tank Kit $28.00
Oil Filter/Fuel

This filter has a metal screen in it great for Oil. Some use it for fuel as well. I do not prefer it for fuel because the screen is a bit large for filtering out small particles. 1/4" Inlet & Outlet

Quantity  Fuel/Oil Filter $3.00

Brass Tee 1/4 x 1/8 x 1/4

Brass Tee, will never wear out for those who do not like plastic.

Quantity  $3.00

Brass Tee 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/8

Brass Tee, will never wear out for those who do not like plastic.

Quantity  $3.50
Brass Tee 1/4 1/4 1/4

Re-useable many times. Is used to tap into a gas line.

Quantity  $3.50
Plastic Tee 1/4 x 1/8 x 1/4

Tap into the gas line for the primer.

Quantity  $1.00

Plastic Tee 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/8

Tap into gas line for primer.

Quantity  $1.00

Carb sockets Genuine ROTAX

Go between the carburetors and engine block
In Stock - ready to ship
582 Pictured

Quantity  582 carb sockets $29.00 ea.
Quantity  503 carb sockets $34.00 ea.

perkcarbboot.jpgCarb Throttle Cable Boots
(packaged 2 boots per pack)

Quantity  $7.00 per pack

Carburetor Unification Plate

Joins the 2 carbs together. Helps keep down the vibrations and keeps the carbs level. Helps prevent premature wear of carb sockets. No adjustment is made to the carb to install this plate. Perkins Powered Parachutes is the sole distributor for this item.
Quantity  Carb unification plate(503) $12.00
Quantity  Carb unification plate(582) $12.00

K&N Air Filters

For use on Bing carbs and Rotax engines #503 & #582. Made for Rotax engines and have the safety wire eyelet on them.

Quantity  Single Filter For 503 $28.00
Quantity  Single Filter For 582 $28.00

Quantity  Double Filter For 503 $48.00
Quantity  Double Filter For 582 $48.00

Replacement Clamps for Air Filters
Ever tighten a clamp to tight, or dropped it in the field and
unable to find it?  We can fix you up.

Quantity  Replacement Clamps $3.00 Ea.
Rotary Valve Caps

The real thing from Rotax. Comes with black rubber seal.

Quantity  Rotary Valve Cap $14.00 Ea.
Motor Mounts Med. Strength

Quantity  Motor mounts Med strength $12.50
Motor Mounts Heavy Duty
For 100 HP Rotax
(Mounts under motor)

Quantity  Motor mounts Heavy Duty $15.00
Motor Mounts - 4 Hole
Used on several different motors

Quantity  Motor mounts $11.50
Rotax Fan Belt

For the 503 and 447 when you want original equipment by Rotax.

Quantity  503 Fan Belt By Rotax $41.00
Quantity  447 Fan Belt By Rotax $41.00
Rotax Oil Cap
Rotax Oil Caps for the oil jugs. This is a genuine Rotax cap

Tip from Bear: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN......

Quantity  ROTAX Oil Cap $29.00
Rotax Oil Filter

Genuine Rotax Oil Filter for the Rotax motors fits 912 80 and 100 HP

Quantity  ROTAX Oil Filter $24.00
Fan Belt Wrench

There is a right tool for the job. This wrench is a Rotax part that is designed to hold the fan blades to remove or install without any damage to the fan blades.

Quantity  Fan Belt Wrench $25.00

Front Wheel Brake
Now Back In Stock
Available for all the most popular brands of PPC's

Tip from Bear:  Brakes do not fit square tubing front ends.

Quantity  Mechanical Front Wheel Brake $175.00

Front Wheel Brake Replacement Pads

I only have 2 kinds of Brake Pads right now.

Type A: If your pads look like this then here you go
Quantity  Brake Pad Type A $20.00

Type B: If your pads looks like this, Type B will fix you up
Quantity  Brake Pad Type B $20.00
We make throttle cable assemblies - Best quality used by many manufacturers - Red splitter body
Must have measurements and type of ends. Email order to Bear or call (Standard make-up approx $100.00 + shipping)
Front Wheel Fork
The Center bolt hole is a 3/8" Reamed hole, the bottom plate has (2) 3/16" diameter holes (2 inches apart) to bolt a fender on.
2 inches between top & bottom plates
Forks are available with 5/8" axle
hole or 1/2" axel hole. These are painted Black Gloss.
***Now back in  Stock*****

Quantity  Front Wheel Fork 5/8" Axel Hole  $100.00
Front Wheel Fork 1/2" Axel Hole 
Spark Plug 912-80 HP

NGK DCPR7E for the 912 80HP

Quantity  Spark Plugs DCPR7E $3.00 Ea.

Spark Plug 912-100 HP

NGK DCPR8E for the 912 100HP

Quantity  Spark Plugs DCPR8E $3.00 Ea.

Spark Plugs

Solid top will not unscrew NGK BR8ES


Quantity  Spark Plugs BR8ES $3.00 Ea.

Tip from Bear: Spark Plugs are not pre-gapped. Don’t forget to set the gap to your engine specifications.

Spark Plug Caps

NGK brand comes with seal and are black in color.

Quantity  Spark Plug Caps $4.00 Ea.

Spring Tune-up Special - Standard is displayed.

Long Edition includes 5 extra feet of gas and primer line

4 BR8ES Spark Plugs
10 Ft 1/4 Gas Line
10 Ft Primer Line
14 inches Pulse line
1 Gas Filter not paper
Nylon Screen type
1 Oil Filter

Quantity  Spring Tune up special $30.00 Ea.
Quantity  Spring Tune up Long Edition $36.00 Ea.

Exhaust Bolts

Original Allen head type but in Stainless Steel. Comes with lock washers.

Quantity Exhaust Bolts $2.00
(set of 2)

Exhaust Bolt Kit

Contains everything you need to install fasteners into all 4 corners of exhaust manifold. All stainless steel to stop rust.
One kit does one motor.

Quantity  Exhaust Bolt Kit $8.00

Flight Tags

These Remove before flight tags come laminated with
a brass eyelets and can be used for many things.

Quantity  $3.00 Color Red or Florescent Orange
Exhaust Plug

The plug is designed to plug the exhaust, to help keep moisture from getting inside your engine. It has a laminated "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" tag that is held on with a wire leader.

Quantity  Exhaust Plug $11.00 Ea.(RED)
Quantity  Exhaust Plug $11.00 Ea.(ORANGE)

Rust Resistant  Steel Exhaust Springs

Will hardly wear out.

Sold in sets of 3

Quantity   Exhaust Springs Sets $6.00 Ea.

Retro Kit for exhaust clamps

Some people have the older style square clamps that will have excessive bolt wear, and need to be changed every 100 hours or more often. Now all you do is to drill the old bracket out to 5/16 and slip the bronze bushing into the new hole and it will almost stop the bolt wear. Comes with directions. For 2-stroke only. If you need individual exhaust clamp parts (nuts, bolts, springs etc) call Bear for assistance.

Quantity Retro Kit $8.00 Ea.

Exhaust Clamp Kit

Eliminate the possibility of spring breakage by switching to an exhaust clamp. Made of stainless steel with AN hardware. These are the NEW clamps that have bushings. Order 1 per joint.

Quantity  Exhaust clamp kit (2 Stroke) $35.00 Ea.

Quantity  Exhaust clamp kit (912/912s) $35.00 Ea.

Manufactured and Sold by
Perkins Powered Parachutes
Wholesale and Retail

Muffler Band

This muffler clamp is the one that Buckeye and Destiny use and there may be other that can use it as well. It measures 5 1/2".

Tip from Bear: Make sure it will fit you application.

Quantity  $12.00

Exhaust Gasket for 503

Quantity  $6.00 Ea.

4 are needed if you want to replace all of them on the 503.
You have inner and outer gaskets around the shroud.

Exhaust Gasket for 582

Order one for each side

Quantity  $9.00 Ea.

Holey Smokes

A smoker system for your plane with easy pictured instructions.
It is easy to install and enjoy this smoker as many have seen.
Others that have come up with ways to smoke.

Here is a complete kit. See it in action........

Quantity  $160.00 per set kit

Cable to hold the exhaust springs together
Sold in set of 3.

Quantity  Exhaust Spring Cables (sets of 3) $4.00
perkplierss.jpg9 inch Safety Wire Pliers and Safety Wire

Quantity  9" Pliers and Safety Wire $35.00
Quantity  Safety Wire only .032 one pound spool $10.00
perklinkss.jpgMaillon Rapid Links Oval #6 size

1/4 inch (standard on most PPCs, these are the good ones)
Made in Knox France.

These are not returnable, be sure to order
the correct size. If you're not sure about the
size you need, call Bear before ordering.

Quantity  Maillon Rapid Links Oval $7.00
The Link and 1/2

This is a #6 ring and ideal for trimming out a chute when you do not want to do it by CG adjustments.
Made in Knox France

These are not returnable, be sure to order the correct size.
If you're not sure about the size you need, call Bear before ordering.

Quantity  The Link & 1/2 $8.00

Maillon Rapid Links Triangle

For use with strap type risers. These links are comparable to the #6 and #7 oval links. Made in Knox France

Tip from Bear: Triangle shape will keep your straps flat.

These are not returnable, be sure to order the correct size.
If you're not sure about the size you need, call Bear before ordering.

Click the picture for detailed view of how I do it  ---------->

Quantity Mallion Rapid Links Triangle #6 (1/4") $9.00
Quantity Mallion Rapid Links Triangle #7 (9/32") $10.00

Stainless Steel Tangs

16 gauge 1/4' holes on both ends. Many uses and can be bent into any angle needed.

Quantity  Tang (straight) $2.00


To hold up cables or riser straps to fan guard. No chance or rolling over them.

Quantity  Cleats $12.00 pair
1 Inch Flat Bottom Bracket

1 Inch flat bottom Bracket used to add a 1 inch tube or replacement
Stainless Steel. Polished

Quantity  Flat Bottom Bracket $6.00

1 5/8 Flat Bottom Bracket

1 5/8 inch Flat bottom Bracket Stainless Steel NOT Painted or Polished

Quantity  Flat Bottom Bracket $8.00

Frame Brackets

This 1.625 aluminum frame bracket has a mill finish. This is 1 5/8 inch

Quantity  Frame Bracket 1.625" $7.00


Aluminum saddles in the most popular sizes.
Cut from 1" stock and will fit desired size.

Quantity  1" saddle $3.00
Quantity  1 1/4" saddle $3.00
Quantity  1 5/8" / 1 1/2" saddle $3.00

Saddles (For Motor Mount Installation)

Aluminum saddle 1 5/8" specifically for motor mount.
3/8" Hole

Quantity  1 5/8"  to  1 1/2" saddle $6.00
K & N Air Filter Kit

To recharge your air filter. Can be cleaned many times. This is a must for the people who tow on an open trailer! Will clean the filter many times

Quantity  K & N Air Filter Kit $14.00

High Temp silicone

A must for the exhaust springs to help keep the vibrations down and along with safety wire in the springs will really reduce the chances of broken springs getting into the prop.

Quantity  High Temp silicone $7.00

Anti seize

A must when you change your spark plugs. Do it right and put this lubricant on the threads and you should not have any trouble getting them out.

Quantity  Anti-seize $4.00
Lock Tight

Medium strength when you've got to put it together and you do not want it to come apart until you want it to. Blue Thread lock med. strength

Quantity  Lock Tight $7.00
Fiber fill gasket

Gear box gasket can be used top and bottom. Better on top

Quantity  $2.50
O-ring Drain Gasket for Gear box

Gear box gasket can be used top and bottom this is a metal gasket

Quantity  $3.00 Ea.

Toggle Switch

These are American made switches and will handle up to 50 amps. Will do for ignition switcher or accessories. They are a single throw and come with a 16 gauge wire connector on each.

Quantity  $10.00 Ea.

water_temp_sensor.jpgEGT Sensor

When you have one go bad you should probably go
ahead and replace both to get an even reading.
These will work with Taskum and EIS.

Tip from Bear: Do not shorten the leads.

Quantity  $44.00

cylinder_head_Temps.jpgCHT Cylinder Head Temp

For those who want to keep up with the cylinder head temps.

CHT for use under head bolts to save them from spark plug changes.

Quantity  $24.00 (for under Head bolt)

Quantity  $24.00 (for under Spark Plug)

Water Temp sensor

Works with both EIS and a Taskum

Quantity  $24.00

Spot Mirrors

Three Sizes 6 inch, 7 inch and 8 inch in Stainless Steel for people who want to watch their chute? Small mounting bracket included.

Quantity  6" $20.00
Quantity  7" $25.00
Quantity  8" $30.00
Coil Boots

Genuine ROTAX
Coil Boots this replaces those cracked boots after a period of time they do crack.

Quantity  $3.00

Carburetor Vent Tubes

Calibrator Vents lines replace those yellow lines with new ones.

Quantity  $1.25

Fiberglass Suspension Rods

Customers are responsible for ordering correct size for intended use. Because of unknown variables, we are not able to make recommendations. We stock the following sizes in 24" lengths

Quantity  1 1/2 Inch OD $30.00
Quantity  1 1/4 Inch OD $25.00
Quantity  1.00 Inch OD $20.00
ClampTite Tool

The ClampTite tool is a GREAT must have tool that every toolbox should have! Uses Safety wire and will clamp or band almost anything, use it once and it could pay for itself. Visit the ClampTite website for more information and demonstration videos. Don't forget to ask for safety wire, we have .032 and .041 available. Go and watch
the video - unbelievable tool!

Watch the ClampTite Video - Click Here

Quantity  ClampTite Tool $25.00
Quantity  Safety Wire only .041 one pound spool $10.00
Tires & Wheels
AZUSA 8" Wheel

Wheel 8 inch. This is standard on a lot of planes. Comes with precision high-speed wheel bearings in the wheel.

Quantity  $65.00

AZUSA Wheel and Tire

Azusa Wheel and Tire 8 inch. This is standard on a lot of planes and comes with precision wheel bearings in the wheel. Approximate no-load diam. 15"

Ever have a flat on your plane?
What a way to end a great flying day. Get a spare and don't get caught with out one?

Quantity  $90.00

8" Inter Tube
It has been my experience that this tube will fit any 8 inch
wheel even the HOG tires.

Quantity  $8.00

6" Inter Tube
6 inch inner tuber will fit the larger 6 inch tires like the Tundra.

Quantity  $9.00

Turf Tire (Also Called Tundra Tire)

The best Turf tire on the market today. This balloon tire and Hegar Wheel is 800X 600. 4 ply rating. can run tubeless. Comes with 5/8" high speed wheel bearing, Customer can change to 1/2" if desired . 17 1/2" tall and approx. 8 inches wide. Tires and wheels come assembled and ready to bolt on. This tire will make a plane look as rugged as they come and will soften your landings. My favorite tire of all. Now comes built with 6 inch inter tubes for safety.

Quantity  Turf tire $170.00

Turf Tire Wheel Spacer for Powrachute Planes .
Item specifically designed for Powrachute planesRequired for proper spacing of Turf or Tundra tires to meet clearance of tires to air frame
Quantity  Turf tire Spacer (Set of 2) $24.00

Stainless Steel Hardware for the Hegar wheels.

Keeps the wheel looking new without those bolts rusting as
they sometimes do. 6 bolts, 6 nuts, and 12 washers. Can be replaced one at a time and no need to tear down

Quantity  SS Hardware for Hegar Wheels $10.00
High Speed Wheel Bearing
5/8 & 3/4 ID
5/8 ID Wheel Bearing $6.00
Quantity  3/4 ID Wheel Bearing $6.00
Hog Tire

Want the HOG of all tires? Want to get rid of those ground grabbing knobby tires that come on some birds? This is it. The tire is a 22 X 1100 X 8 and has an 11 inch foot print I have used these tires and recommend them for replacements. They are the same size as what comes on some birds but the tread is almost flat. They will slide rather than grip, and that is sometimes what you need.

Quantity  Hog tire $65.00

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***If we have not responded to your order with 24 hours, please contact us by calling 706-757-3435***

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